Plinko Game Online - Play for Real Money

Plinko is an online game where a ball falls through a series of obstacles, bringing players real money. It is widespread in India at the expense of its simplicity and gambling nature. The convenience of playing the Plinko casino game on mobile appliances makes it even more attractive. It is available at Pin-Up Casino, proposing ardor and capability to win straight to your smartphone, tablet, or another device.

Plinko Game Online - What Is It?

Being a safe pyramid-like arcade game, Plinko is available from miscellaneous providers, specifically Spribe, Turbo Games, and others. The maximum winnings depend on the provider and types of Plinko games but can attain significant amounts. Here’s a table with brief facts about the game. .

Type Mini Game
Maximum Payout 555x
RTP 97%
Mobile Compatibility Yes

Before you start to play Plinko, you should be aware that its algorithm depends on its specific design and rules. In general, players simply throw balls on top of the board, and they randomly bounce off and fall down into pockets with multipliers at the bottom of the main screen.

Plinko Game India - Gambling Rules

Plinko cash game is indeed popular in India, authorizing users to acquire money by looking at how a ball overcomes the playing field. The objective of the game is to hope for luck on the ball’s way across the board and wait until it falls into the pocket.

The Plinko game online incorporates a vertical board with obstacles (pegs). Your task is to throw a ball from above and observe as it falls through rows of pegs, altering direction until it reaches the bottom of the board. Every slot below has its own cost.


The idea behind the game is easy. By pressing one of three buttons on the right below, you launch balls from above the screen. They fall down the field deflected by the pegs. Slots below the triangle reflect multipliers. If the ball falls into a concrete sector, the bet amount is multiplied by the amount that is specified on the slot.

Plinko Online Game Interface

The interface of the Plinko online game is clear even if you have never played casino games. It represents a field in the form of a triangle with a definite number of pegs. The buttons on the game interface provide miscellaneous functions:

  • Autoplay feature. Press it to specify the number of rounds to be played automatically.
  • ”+”/”-“ buttons. They are utilized to set the best bet.
  • Green button 🟢 It is employed to activate the green line with the lowest multiplier.
  • Yellow button 🟡 It activates yellow slots with average multipliers.
  • Red button 🔴 Press it if you desire to maximize your potential payouts.

The upper line on the screen incorporates the rules of the game. It likewise included a menu where you can turn on/off the sound, employ free bets, have a glance at your bet history, investigate game limits, etc.

How to Play Plinko on Pin-Up Casino?

Pin-Up is a perfect place where you can play the Plinko casino game without let or hindrance. To launch the game and set about playing, you should execute definite steps. These simple actions are provided below:

  • Step 1: Register on the Pin-Up casino.
  • Step 2: Make a deposit through a handy payment method.
  • Step 3: Go to the “Games” section and pick Plinko.
  • Step 4: Establish the bet utilizing the “+”/”-“ buttons.
  • Step 5: Press the green, yellow, or red button and launch the ball.

That’s all, you should just wait for the ball to fall into one of the winning pockets. Plinko at Pin-Up Casino proposes amazing gameplay and the capability to acquire enormous earnings by following these simple steps.

Plinko Game Online Real Money Mode

When playing in real money mode in the Plinko cash game, you are granted the capability to bet real money, which adds ardor and the chance of great winnings. It resembles a classic Plinko board but with an added betting function. Strategy and luck can deliver you substantial prizes. If you are new to the game, a demo version is available without the risk of losing money.

Plinko Cash App

Although there is no special Plinko app, you can still play it on mobile appliances. For this, your task is to download the Pin-Up application. The strong points of playing on Android and iOS (iPhone) mobile devices are endless. Some of them incorporate simple access to the game anytime, anywhere, an intuitive interface, and the capability to play rapidly utilizing the touch screen.

Available Types of Plinko Games on Pin-Up

These days, there are various Plinko games accessible from reputable providers to fulfill the preferences of players. Information on Plinko’s variations on the Pin-Up site is presented below:

  • Plinko (by Spribe). Plinko from Spribe is one of the most widespread casino games accessible since it was launched in 2021. Due to the RTP of 97%, you have an amazing chance to win enormous amounts of money.
  • PlinkoS. KA Gaming presented its space-themed variation of the game titled PlinkoS. It grants cosmic earnings with an incredible 96% RTP and average volatility.
  • PlinkoXY. The original Plinko game is heightened to an entirely new level in Plinko XY. It is crafted by BGaming. You can feel the ardor of the game and obtain the supplementary pleasure of enormous winning potential because of the fantastic RTP of 99%.
  • Turbo Plinko. This is a dynamic variation of Plinko by Turbo Games. It delivers an RTP of 97% and bright colors for players who prefer the space aesthetic.
  • Plinko GO. Plinko Go is a relatively new variation of Plinko crafted by 1×2 Gaming in 2022. It can boast a variety of betting possibilities with which you can set your games according to your taste.

Depending on the picked variant, the game will have an exceptional format, design, and maximum winning. No matter what Plinko variation you decide to play, you will surely have a memorable time and can replenish your bank account provided you win.


What is Plinko game?

Plinko is a casino game based on a popular television game in which players place a bet and press a button to guide a ball through a triangular field of pegs.

Is Plinko legal in India?

Yes, Plinko is an entirely legal and safe game in India.

Is demo mode available in Plinko Spribe on Pin Up?

Sure, the demo mode of Plinko Spribe is available for users on the Pin Up site.